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The Finest Stocks, Engraving, and Tuning for High Grade Guns for more than a Generation

A Great Example of Integrated Quality Workmanship in a Competition Shotgun is the Elegant Performance Incorporated into a Krieghoff Receiver System coupled with the Brilliant Design and Impeccable Appearance of the J.L. Dockwiller Woodwork that supports it. If you are the proud owner of a Krieghoff or other high grade shotgun that has been embellished with Dockwiller Wood or other high grade stock and forearm, you will appreciate the information that J.L. Dockwiller is providing custom refinishing, fitting, repair, and tuning for all high grade gun combinations in celebration of the "NEW" Dockwiller Shop Facilities located in Highland California. Please feel free to contact Trigger Sports in Florida or J.L. Dockwiller in California for pricing.

Have DING or a SCRATCH? Here is a great opportunity to remove that blemish that has been bothering you for some time. This is also a great time for a maintenance check, installation of a comb, modification or installation of a Butt Plate or pad, trigger adjustment, barrel fitting, or any other service that you have been putting off for any of your valued sporting shotguns. The MASTER himself can be working on you shotgun starting in November 2016. Please check with Trigger Sports for additional information and pricing.

"Trigger Sports International has been working with the world renowned Jack Dockwiller of the J.L. Dockwiller Company since the 1970's providing the discerning sportsman with only the finest in high grade stocks and forearms, timeless custom metal engraving and precision gun smithing services. We work directly with the Dockwiller shops to insure your complete satisfaction. Call us to discuss your requirements no matter how small or large."

High Grade Shotgun Repair

Dockwiller/Trigger Sports Yearly Maintenance Program. We provide a yearly maintenance program that will minimize random failures and ensure many years of failure free shooting. Please contact Dockwiller Gunsmiths/Trigger Sports for details and program costs.

Trigger Sports International has been working with Jack Dockwiller since the 1970s to deliver the World's premier custom made shotgun stocks. Since Trigger Sports is involved with the delivery of Krieghoff, Perazzi, Kolar, Beretta, Browning, Zoli, Blaser, and many other high grade shotguns, Trigger Sports must be interested in the physical condition of all of the high grade shotguns it provides. Trigger Sports has therefore introduced a high grade maintenance program where high grade guns can be submitted yearly for a maintenance checkup which can identify threats or potential threats to the integrity of the shotgun.

For a very reasonable price, the Dockwiller Shops will perform a yearly maintenance check where all parts are checked for ware and replaced as necessary. There is a basic charge depending on your gun brand where all critical springs and other associated parts are replaced within the Brand Maintenance Process. J.L. Dockwiller has repaired high grade shotguns for over 50 years and stocks parts for all Major Brands to expedite the repair of your highly valued shotgun no matter what the cost of the gun. So if you have a gun failure please feel free to immediately contact Trigger Sports and J.L. Dockwiller Company for a free estimate and a repair that rates second only to the original manufacturer and in many cases far superior to factory repairs. Custom repair and design work can be implemented at a price competitive with any International Provider. Please check with Dockwiller/Trigger Sports for pricing and delivery.

Custom Barrel Fitting

J.L. Dockwiller is equipped and has the expertise to install new and pre-owned barrels on all brands of O/U receivers. As an example Krieghoff K-80 barrels can be fitted to K-32 receivers and vice versa. It takes a qualified Master Gunsmith to properly fit high grade gun barrels to receivers.

This gorgeous set is an example of the multi-discipline "SMITHING" features of the J.L. Dockwiller Company. Stock Measuring and Development, Custom Stock Finishing, Custom Stock Fitting, Barrel Fitting and Adjustment, and Shotgun Repair are all part of this

High End Stock Repairs

Once the stock and/or forearm is repaired, the stock must be refinished to restore the original beauty of the wood and highlight the detail of the checkering and custom chiseled design.

High Grade Stock Design

Jack Dockwiller has been designing the finest stocks in the world from the highest grade wood for almost forty years. The Golden Oak Leaf Signature Series Exhibition Grade stocks below are an example of this excellence. This set recently sold for many thousands of dollars and may be one of the last Signature Series Dockwiller Stocks to be made.

If you have a very special stock on your shotgun and you are interested in having it returned to its "NEW" condition, you now have access to an expert who will be able to accomplish this with complete confidence in the outcome. Jack will return your stock to better than original condition with finish and checkering completely restored along with your appreciation of the fine shotgun that you have cherished.

Best Quality High Grade Stock Fitting

Total Stock Fitting includes the measurement of the customer, the fitting of the stock to the receiver, fitting of pads and butt plates, fitting of the comb, and them finally fitting of the finished gun to the customer both manually and with laser sighting systems followed by appropriate adjustments.

When fitting a stock the customer can provide the dimensions, the shop can measure the customer on site, or accurate stock fitting measurements can be obtained from a shotgun that already fits the customer. The measurements are then utilized to generate or modify an existing stock and be finished in accordance with customer preference. The stock can then be custom fitted to the shotgun receiver and sealed appropriately. Customer satisfaction!

Stock & Forearm Refinishing

Once the stock and/or forearm is repaired, the stock must be refinished to restore the original beauty of the wood and highlight the detail of the checkering and custom chiseled design.

The Art of Stock Finishing has been mastered by the MASTER, J. L. Dockwiller. Jack Dockwiller has been designing and finishing stocks for over 50 years and does the best work in the country. Major high grade shotgun manufacturers such as Krieghoff International have been utilizing Dockwiller stocks with Trigger Sports for 40 years. Jack can take a raw blank of French Walnut and convert it into a Masterpiece in about three months. Now Jack is interested in maintaining and recovering existing wood gun stock art to ensure that high grade shotguns can be kept pristine.

Install & Custom Fit Combs

"If the Stock Does Not Fit, You cannot Hit" the target. Once the Adjustable Comb is installed, it must be properly adjusted so that the gun shoots where the shooter thinks that it does. Laser Technology can solve this problem.

The custom comb is a tool to make the gun fit the shooter properly so that he has the best chance to hit the targets. Trigger Sports utilizes the GREEN LASER and RED LASER to show where the gun is actually shooting related to the shooter's site picture. Trigger Sports can accomplish this Laser Fitting and also sells the Laser Kits for personal use.

Install Recoil Pads & Butt Plates

J.L.Dockwiller Company and Trigger Sports International utilize Genuine Graco Corporation Parts and KickEEZ recoil pads to provide the finest adjustable and fixed pad assemblies available today. Installations exceed factory specifications.

When installing custom recoil pad assemblies two things are important; the quality of the workmanship to ensure that the system is correctly installed and the quality of the component parts themselves, to ensure extended life and expected performance. J.L. Dockwiller is one of the finest Stock Smiths of our generation so you can be assured that the workmanship will be second to none. Dockwiller uses quality parts by GRACO Corporation which provides the finest in the industry. The adjustable butt plate, upper left, provides length and rotational modification and is topped with the KickEEZ pad left. The GRACOIL recoil reduction system, right, provides a vertical and rotational capability with substantial recoil reduction capability. GRACO is the best!

High Grade Gun Maintenance

You can protect your "High Grade" or "Highly Valued" shotgun for life if you employ the Dockwiller/Trigger Sports chemical and mechanical maintenance programs identified on this site. A few minutes after each shooting session with the maintenance kit and a "Once a Year" visit to the Dockwiller Shop for the "Mechanical Check-up" will protect your gun.

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